Message from Chairman

    Shamim Ahmed Firpo

    The business environment in which we operate is continually changing, but our core values at Firpo remain constant. We insist on maintaining integrity in all we do. We strive to create a workplace that blends teamwork with personal accountability, and that respects the opinions of others.

    It starts in 1964, when we stepped into the world of food business with the name of “Firpo Restaurant” serving into this dynamic & tempting field, the “Firpo” brand well accepted by the people of Karachi. Then the company decided to diversify to penetrate into trading and started with the name of “Sohail Enterprises” in 1974. The core philosophy of the management was to provide “QUALITY PRODUCTS WITH BETTER SERVICES.

    Since its inception the “Firpo” has always focused on consumer satisfaction with the motto of “Only the Best is good enough”. The group has always emphasized on the importance of “High Quality” for more than 45 years history, ensuring the loyelty and retention of the consumer / buyers of Firpo brands. Over the period the company took cognized steps in research and manufacturing side also. Today the Firpo has developed and marked a wide range of products and turned into Firpo Group of Companies, enjoying delivering services and manufacturing in multi colored fields.


    Shamim Ahmed Firpo
    Firpo Group of Companies